Web Site Terminology

Abbreviations for terms used throughout the site are as follows:

SP-Signed Photo
ISP- Inscribed Signed Photo
PP-Pre-Printed Autograph
SPC-Signed Post Card
SIC-Signed Index Card

ANLW-Address No Longer Works
(The celebrity or show cannot be reached at that address)

NLOTS-No Longer On the Show
(The show is still running but the celebrity has left the show)

I almost always send a letter and a 9x12 SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) with my requests. It would cost the celebrity a lot of money to be sending photos and paying for postage for every request, so the least I can do is pay for return postage.

For a list of celebrities that use either Studio Fan Mail or Celebrity Merchandise (another similar company), go here. This is a list of everyone that I have personally received from either place. There are many more celebrities that use those places, but I wanted to have a list of the ones I know for sure use them. Please keep in mind that celebrities do occasionally decide to discontinue using those companies, so just because I received a pre-printed photo from them there does not mean that you will get them too. Sometimes if you write a really good letter, you may get a real autograph, so you never know.

A helpful web page to use to find addresses is Star Tiger. It is the best place to find out which addresses to use and which ones no longer work any more. While it is no longer free to use, I highly recommend at least trying it out.